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Non Rising Stem Gate Valve Exported to UK and was Well Received by European Customers

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In January this year, I received an order for a non rising stem gate valve from a European customer. The export destination is the United Kingdom. The customer who purchased the gate valve this time is mainly used for water filtration related projects. The customer is very satisfied with the gate valve manufactured by our factory and expresses his willingness to cooperate for a long time. , look at the parameter details of this batch of gate valves:

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve
Pressure rating16bar
End connectionFlange type
Size range2 in to 48 in
Temperature-20~80 deg C
ApplicationWater project
Flange connectionPN16/PN10/150LB
Face to faceF4/F5/BS5163/AWWA C509

Non rising tem gate valve features:

  1. Brass valve cover, good sealing effect
  2. Rubber sealing wedge, zero leakage
  3. Dark rod design saves installation space
  4. Epoxy coating inside and outside, minimum thickness 250μm

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