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Successful export of Triple Offset butterfly valves from the UK – the fifth purchase witnesses excellent quality

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We are pleased to announce that VALTECCN’s Triple Offset butterfly valve has been successfully exported to the UK in February. This is the fifth purchase from our valued customer and they are extremely satisfied with our product quality and service. The following are some positive comments from customers about our butterfly valves:

  1. Stainless Steel Nameplate – Our butterfly valves are equipped with detailed stainless steel nameplates that display important information about the valve for easy customer identification and traceability.
  2. Clear Heat Numbering – The heat number of each order is clearly visible, ensuring product traceability.
  3. Valve disc made of SS316 material – The valve disc made of SS316 material provides the valve with a long service life.
Successful export of Triple Offset butterfly valves from the UK - the fifth purchase witnesses excellent quality

Parameters of this batch of triple eccentric butterfly valves:

  • End connection: Lug type/Flange type/Wafer type
  • Size range: 2IN to 48in
  • Temperature: -20~350deg C
  • Application: Water project
  • Flange connection: 150LB/300LB
  • Face to face: API609

Our Triple Offset butterfly valves are designed to meet stringent industrial standards and are suitable for a variety of water works. Its corrosion resistance and high temperature performance ensure reliability and efficiency in a variety of environments.

VALTECCN is committed to providing high-quality butterfly valve products and services to meet customer needs. Our Triple Offset butterfly valve is a testament to our commitment. Thank you to our British customers for their trust and we look forward to more customer cooperation in the future.

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