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24'' PN16 Brass Seat Gate Valve Export to UK, China Gate Valve Manufacturers, UK Valve

24” PN16 Brass Seat Gate Valve Export to UK

Because of the damage of the old valve, the UK customer urgently looked for a replacement one for sewage treatment. After being recommended and introduced by an old customer of VALTECCN, this British …

Gate Valve with Extended Stem Export to UK

PN16 Gate Valve with Extended Stem Export to UK

We just sent a batch of gate valves with 1.6m extension rod and handwheel to UK, this is the third time that a British valve customer has cooperated with us. In the first two orders, the customer has …


DIN3202 F7 Metal Seat Gate Valve Export to Spain

We just sent a batch of metal seat gate valves to Spain. Metal Seat Gate Valves ConnectionFlangePressurePN40BodyWCBDiscWCBSeatCr13StemANSI 420Face to face distanceDIN3202 F7OperationHandwheelMetal Sea…


Rising Stem Gate Valve PN16 Export to South Africa

Gate valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines. For a long time, the general gate valve used in the market, widespread leakage, easy to rust phenomenon, the enterprise in…


Rising Stem Wedge Disc Gate Valve(DN40) Export to Hong Kong

So glad to introduce our valve which we just delivered In order to ensure the quality of gate valve product, our valve factory has a strict and orderly production system to require the workers pay car…


Large Diameter Gate Valve(DN1200) Export to Hong Kong

The soft seal gate valve is mainly composed of valve body, rubber lined elastic gate plate, valve stem, and valve cover seals. Soft seal gate valve surface, as well as the flow channel side valve wall…

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