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Flanged Swing Check Valve

swing check valve

Size1/2″~30″ (DN15~DN750 mm)

Working pressurePN10 / PN16, 150LB / 300LB, JIS 10K / JIS 20K

Conection endFlange type

Conection standardPN10 / PN16, 150LB / 300LB, JIS 10K

Body materialCast iron (GG25, ASTM A126 B), Ductile iron (GGG50, GJS500), A105, WCB, SS304, SS316, SS2205

Disc materialDuctile iron, Cast iron, A105, WCB, SS304 / SS316 / SS2205

Seat materialCR13, Brass, STL, SS304 / SS316

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Technical Parameters

Flanged Swing Check Valve drawing
DN D D1 D2 L b f Z-d
Φ50 Φ165 Φ125 Φ99 203 19 3 4-Φ19
Φ65 Φ185 Φ145 Φ118 216 19 3 4-Φ19
Φ80 Φ200 Φ160 Φ132 241 19 3 8-Φ19
Φ100 Φ220 Φ180 Φ156 292 19 3 8-Φ19
Φ125 Φ250 Φ210 Φ184 330 19 3 8-Φ19
Φ150 Φ285 Φ240 Φ211 356 19 3 8-Φ23
Φ200 Φ340 Φ295 Φ266 495 20 3 12-Φ23
Φ250 Φ405 Φ355 Φ319 622 22 3 12-Φ28
Φ300 Φ460 Φ410 Φ370 698 24.5 4 12-Φ28
Φ350 Φ520 Φ470 Φ429 787 26.5 4 16-Φ28
Φ400 Φ580 Φ525 Φ489 914 28 4 16-Φ31
Φ500 Φ715 Φ650 Φ609 978/ 1067 31.5 4 20-Φ34

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