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Non Rising Stem Gate Valve – VALTECCN Gate Valve Manufacturers

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Non rising stem gate valve is a common industrial valve, mainly used to control the flow of fluids. It is characterized by a stem that does not rise when opened and closed, so it is called a “Non-rising stem” gate valve. This design makes the valve more convenient to operate in a limited space, while reducing the risk of external leakage of the valve. Non rising stem gate valve is also one of VALTECCN most popular products.

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve - VALTECCN Gate Valve Manufacturers
Non Rising Stem Gate Valve

Non rising stem gate valve material selection

Non rising stem gate valve common materials are cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.
The most common configuration is DI body, DI disc, 13Cr stem, rubber seat.

  • Ductile iron and cast iron gate valve has the advantages of low cost and light weight, which is suitable for some less strict working conditions;
  • Carbon steel gate valve has good strength and toughness, suitable for high pressure conditions;
  • The stainless steel gate valve has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for corrosive conditions.

Non rising stem gate valve application field

Non rising stem gate valves are widely used in various industrial fields, including petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and so on. They are usually used in situations where frequent operation is required, or where a strict cut-off is required. Because of its simple structure, good sealing performance and long life, it has been widely used in industrial production.

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