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Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves for Chemical Waste, Export to UAE

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Non-rising stem gate valves play a crucial role in various industrial applications, particularly in the Chemical and Petroleum Industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of a non-rising stem gate valve recently supplied to our UAE customer for a chemical waste project.

Valve Specifications

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves for Chemical Waste, Export to UAE

Size Range: 6’’ to 24’’
Pressure Rating: 16 BAR
Flange Connection: PN16
Maximum Temperature: 110°C
Body Material: Ductile Iron (DI)
Disc Material: Ductile Iron (DI)
Stem Type: Non-Rising
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel 410 (SS410)
Seat Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
Application: Chemical Waste

This is not the first time we have cooperated with customers in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates, a country with rapid economic development, has a large demand for concealed stem gate valves:

  1. Industrial development: As a highly industrialized country, the UAE has a huge demand for valves in its chemical, petroleum, natural gas and other industries. As a commonly used fluid control device, non-rising stem gate valves are widely used in these industrial fields.
  2. Safety and reliability: Non-rising stem gate valves are simple, compact and easy to maintain. In some specific processes, the reliability and safety of the valve need to be ensured, so non-rising stem gate valves become the first choice.
  3. Environmental adaptability: The climate conditions in the UAE are relatively special, and environmental factors such as high temperature and sandstorms place higher requirements on the durability of the equipment. The non-rising stem gate valve has a simple structure, is not easily affected by the external environment, and has strong adaptability.

If you are also in the Middle East and need to import China gate valves, contact VALTECCN to provide high-quality valves and professional services. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you!

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