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WCB Wafer Butterfly Valve Were Sent to Mexico

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The customer is from Mexico,this is the fifth year collaboration with VALTECCN.The products that customers purchase the most annually are concentric butterfly valves with GGG50 and WCB body .The product they purchased this time is WCB body concentric butterfly valves.

WCB Wafer Butterfly Valve Were Sent to Mexico
WCB Wafer Butterfly Valve

Here are the details of WCB wafer butterfly valves they purchased this time :

BodyWCB(Epoxy coating 250um)
OperationGear and Lever
Design standardBS5163
Applicationpublic waterworks

WCB material is a carbon steel casting suitable for medium and high pressure valves with operating temperatures between -29°C and 425°C. The advantages of using WCB material are:

  • Low cost: Carbon steel castings are relatively inexpensive and can provide an economical solution.
  • Suitable for high temperatures: WCB material is more suitable for high temperature use than LCC (low carbon content) steel.
  • Good weldability: WCB materials are weldable castings and can be assembled with other castings or forged steel parts by fusion welding.

Of course, WCB materials also have some disadvantages, such as:

  • Poor corrosion resistance: WCB material requires surface protection, such as painting, to prevent the valve from being corroded by the medium from the inside.
  • Not suitable for low temperature: WCB material may become brittle and lose toughness and ductility in low temperature (sub-zero) environment.

Therefore, the selection of WCB material for butterfly valve bodies depends on the specific operating conditions and requirements. If you need more information or advice on butterfly valves, please feel free to contact VALTECCN butterfly valve manufacturer.

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