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High performance air actuated butterfly valve: the ideal choice for UK customers

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In the field of industrial valves, air actuated butterfly valves are popular due to their excellent performance and diverse operating modes, especially in the water treatment, oil and gas industries. The operating methods we offer include handles, handwheels, pneumatic actuators and electric actuators.

Recently, one of our customers in the UK placed another order for our air actuator butterfly valve wafer style. Below is detailed valve information:

air actuated butterfly valve
  • Pressure level: 16BAR
  • Maximum temperature: 110℃
  • Size range: 2 inches to 48 inches
  • Valve body material: ductile iron/DI, stainless steel 304/SS304, stainless steel 316/SS316
  • Valve plate material: stainless steel 304/SS304, stainless steel 316/SS316
  • Valve stem material: stainless steel 410/SS410
  • Valve seat material: ethylene propylene rubber/EPDM
  • Pneumatic actuator: single or double acting
  • Standard: PN10/PN16/150LB

VALTECCN air butterfly valve is famous for its high performance and reliability, and can operate stably in various harsh environments. Its compact design and easy maintenance make it the first choice in industrial applications. Whether it is a single-acting or double-acting pneumatic actuator, it can provide fast response and precise control to ensure efficient operation of the valve.

air actuator

VALTECCN VALVE expresses its sincere gratitude to customers for their trust and support, and promises to continue to provide air actuated butterfly valve products with the best price and highest quality. Our goal is to become your reliable industrial valve solution provider through continuous innovation and improvement.

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