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What is the working principle of the butterfly valve

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The butterfly valve is a valve that opens and closes according to the rotation of the valve stem while driving the disc plate to rotate. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, mainly by rotating the disc plate 90° for flow control , When the disc reaches 90°, the valve is in a fully open state, and the angle of the disc can be changed to adjust the flow of the medium. It is generally installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. The butterfly valve and the valve stem have no locking ability. In order to effectively adjust the flow, a worm gear reducer is required. The butterfly valve with a worm gear reducer not only makes the butterfly valve self-locking, but also changes the operating performance of the butterfly valve and adjusts the medium flow more accurately.

Butterfly valve animation: How it works
Butterfly valve animation: How it works
  1. The butterfly valve has a small flow resistance when it is fully opened. When the opening is between about 15°~70°, it can carry out sensitive flow control. Therefore, the application of butterfly valves is very common in the field of large-diameter adjustment. Since the movement of the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is wiping, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles. Depending on the strength of the seal, it can also be used for powder and granular media.
  2. The butterfly valve is suitable for flow adjustment. Because the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipe is relatively large, about three times that of the gate valve, when selecting the butterfly valve, the influence of the pressure loss of the piping system should be fully considered, and the strength of the butterfly plate to withstand the pressure of the pipeline medium when it is closed should also be considered. . In addition, it is necessary to consider the limitation of the working temperature of the elastic valve seat material at high temperature.
  3. The structural length and overall height of the butterfly valve are small, the opening and closing speed is faster, and it has good fluid control characteristics. The structure principle of butterfly valve is most suitable for making large-diameter valves. When the butterfly valve is required to control the flow rate, the most important thing is to correctly select the specifications and type of the butterfly valve so that it can work properly and effectively.

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