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What is difference between wafer and lug butterfly valve

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There are two types of butterfly valves: lug butterfly valves and butt butterfly valves, with a variety of applications, controlling the flow of various types of There are two types of butterfly valves: lug butterfly valves and wafer butterfly valves. These two types of butterfly valves are widely used in various industrial fields, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, water, and wastewater management. There can be too much medium, including air, water vapor, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal, etc.

The following guide explains the differences between lug butterfly valves and wafer butt butterfly valves and how to choose the right valve for your needs:

Lug butterfly valve

The lug butterfly valve has a ring of lugs, the number of lugs is the same as the number of flange holes on the flange end.

Connected to threaded inserts on both sides of the valve body, lug butterfly valves are suitable for installation in systems with two sets of bolts without nuts.

The valve must be installed between two flanges, each with a separate set of bolts.

With this setting, each side of the piping system can be disconnected without interfering with the other side.

Lug butterfly valve
Lug butterfly valve

Wafer butterfly valve

The function of the wafer butterfly valve is to maintain the seal to prevent bidirectional pressure in fluid flow.

In other words, the wafer butterfly valve is designed to be tightly sealed to prevent two-way differential pressure to avoid any backflow in a system manufactured for one-way flow.

This is achieved by using tightly embedded seals such as o-rings, gaskets, precision machining and flat faces on downstream and upstream parts of the valve.

Wafer butterfly valve
Wafer butterfly valve

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