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Signal Butterfly Valve: Different From Ordinary Valve Introduction and Recommendation

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Function of Signal Butterfly Valve

Different from ordinary butterfly valves, when the signal butterfly valve is in the closed state, its internal components will transmit a closed signal to the fire signal central system, and the opening and closing states of all signal butterfly valves in the entire system can be monitored from time to time, which can be based on external signals or internal parameters Automatically adjust the opening of the valve to achieve precise control of the fluid medium.

Signal Butterfly Valve

Signal butterfly valve is widely used in fire protection, water supply, heating, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. It is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient fluid control equipment.

Advantages of Using Signal Butterfly Valves

  • Signal butterfly valve is characterized by simple structure, small volume, light weight, flexible operation, easy installation, etc. It can adapt to various pipeline connection methods, such as flange connection, butt-clamp connection, groove connection, etc.
  • Signal butterfly valve adopts high-performance sealing materials and optimized sealing structure, which can achieve zero leakage and ensure the safety and cleanliness of fluid medium.
  • Signal butterfly valve is equipped with advanced electric actuator or pneumatic actuator, which can realize remote control and feedback, as well as automatic adjustment and fault diagnosis, etc., and improve the intelligent level of the valve.
  • Signal butterfly valve has good regulating performance, and different opening curves and control modes can be selected according to different fluid media and working condition requirements to realize precise flow control and pressure control.
  • Signal butterfly valve has strong corrosion and abrasion resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh working environments, extending the service life of the valve.

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