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Mexico Customer Purchased Butterfly Valves From VALTECCN Again

72 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

The demand for butterfly valves in Mexico has always been relatively large. VALTECCN has customers in Mexico who need to cooperate. This time, the customer ordered a batch of wafer butterfly valves. This is the customer’s trust in the quality of our company’s butterfly valves.

Mexico Customer Purchased Butterfly Valves From VALTECCN Again

Here are the details of butterfly valves they purchased this time :
Body: Ductile iron
Disc: SS316,with pin
Shaft: Square Shaft
Pressure: PN10/16/CL150/JIS10K
Connection: Wafer
Operation: Aluminium Handle

The butterfly valves exported to Mexico by VALTECCN have the following advantages and features:

  • The design is simple and consists of fewer parts for easy maintenance and repair.
  • Light weight, low installation cost and small footprint.
  • The operation is quick, just turn 90 degrees to fully open or close.
  • The sealing performance is good, and the seat ring made of VITON material can resist high temperature and chemical corrosion.
  • It has a wide range of applications, can transmit mud, has less residue in the pipeline, and can also be used in various media such as water, gas, oil, and steam.

Mexican customers plan to visit our factory this year, and hope to have long-term cooperation and common development with VALTECCN butterfly valve suppliers.

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