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European Customer Feedback on Bronze Butterfly Valve

56 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

We exported a batch of bronze butterfly valves to Europe in August. These valves were used for a sea water project. After a period of operation, the customer was very satisfied with our products and gave us the following feedback for your reference:

  1. The body and disc of the valve are made of bronze material, which has a smooth surface and is corrosion-resistant, suitable for sea water medium.
  2. The top flange of the valve conforms to ISO5211 standard, which makes it convenient to install actuators and achieve remote control.
  3. Every valve is tested for pressure before delivery and ensures zero leakage.
Bronze Butterfly Valve

VALTECCN bronze butterfly valves have the following features:

  • Pressure rating: 10bar
  • Media: sea water
  • End connection: Lug type/Flange type/Wafer type
  • Size range: 2IN to 48in
  • Temperature range: -20~80°C
  • Application field: Sea water project
  • Flange connection: PN16/PN10/150LB
  • Face to face distance: API609

If you want to know more about our bronze butterfly valve product information and prices, you can contact us.

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