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Butterfly Valve with Vulcanized Rubber Lined: Why Choose It, What Are Its Advantages?

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Butterfly valve is a commonly used industrial valve with simple structure, convenient operation and low maintenance cost, and is suitable for regulating and cutting off various media.

The performance and life of a butterfly valve largely depend on the material and surface treatment of the valve body and valve plate. Different media have different requirements on the corrosion, wear, temperature, pressure, etc. of the valve body and valve plate. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate materials and surface treatments to ensure the reliability and durability of the valve.

Vulcanized Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve
Vulcanized Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve

Vulcanized lined butterfly valve is a butterfly valve coated with a layer of vulcanized rubber on the inner and outer surfaces of the valve body and valve plate. Vulcanized rubber is a rubber material with high elasticity, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and high corrosion resistance after vulcanization treatment. . Vulcanized rubber lined butterfly valves have the following advantages:

  • Good sealing performance: There is strong adhesion between vulcanized rubber and metal, which can effectively prevent medium leakage. At the same time, vulcanized rubber has good flexibility and resilience, which can adapt to the slight deformation between the valve plate and the valve seat, and ensure the tight fit between the sealing surfaces.
  • Good wear resistance: vulcanized rubber has high strength and high toughness, which can resist the erosion, wear and impact of the medium on the valve body and valve plate, and prolong the service life of the valve.
  • Good temperature resistance: vulcanized rubber can maintain stable physical and chemical properties in the temperature range of -40°C~150°C, and will not age, crack, or deform due to temperature changes.
  • Good corrosion resistance: vulcanized rubber can resist the corrosion of metal materials by various acids, alkalis, salts, oils and other media, and is suitable for various harsh working environments.
  • Good flow performance: vulcanized rubber is smooth, flat, and burr-free, which can reduce the friction of fluid on the valve body and valve plate, reduce fluid pressure loss, and increase flow.

To sum up, the vulcanized rubber lined butterfly valve is an industrial valve with high performance, high efficiency, high reliability and long life, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields for fluid control. If you want to know more about vulcanized lined butterfly valves, please visit VALTECCN website(www.valteccn.com), or contact our professional team, we will provide you with the best quality service and products.

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