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Butterfly Valve Pressure Test

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Pressure Test Butterfly Valve is a method for testing the sealing performance and strength of butterfly valves. A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve that can be turned fully open or fully closed by turning it 90 degrees. Butterfly valves are suitable for large-diameter pipelines that transport various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media, such as furnaces, gas, petroleum processing, liquefied petroleum gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting, power generation, environmental protection, construction, water treatment and other engineering systems. It can be used to regulate and cut off the flow of media.

Butterfly valves are pressure vessels that must meet stringent requirements to withstand medium pressure without leakage. Key components such as valve body and bonnet must be free from cracks, loose pores, dross and other defects that affect strength. During the production process, various valve tests can be carried out, such as design test, manufacturing test, installation test, operation test and maintenance test. But the most important valve testing is done before the valve leaves the factory. Quality assurance specialists conduct multiple visual inspections and valve-specific performance tests to expose any deficiencies and make adjustments accordingly. Only when all tests are qualified can the product be put into use.

Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve pressure test

What is the correct way to stress test?

Butterfly valves have the same strength test requirements as globe valves. In order to test the sealing performance of the butterfly valve, the test medium should be introduced from the medium inflow end. Make sure that the butterfly plate is open and the other end is closed, and the test medium is injected according to the pressure specified in the test requirements. After ensuring that there is no leakage of packing and other sealing parts, close the butterfly plate. Open the other end, if there is no leakage at the seal of the butterfly plate, it is considered qualified. Butterfly valves used for flow regulation can skip the sealing performance test.

VALTECCN is a professional butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer with many years of experience and technology. We provide various types and specifications of butterfly valves to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Our products meet international standards and undergo rigorous stress testing to ensure quality and performance. If you need to purchase or consult Butterfly Valve, please contact us, we will provide you with high-quality services and solutions.

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