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Selection of Standard Butterfly Valve Types

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Butterfly valves are selected, firstly according to successful engineering practice, relevant laws and regulations, to choose the right structure, material and pressure rating to ensure that they are safe and reliable.

VALTECCN is a professional manufacturer of butterfly valves and offers butterfly valves at a competitive price for the selection of butterfly valves for engineering purposes.

flow characteristics of centerline butterfly valve

The flow characteristics of butterfly valves are approximately linear and do not differ greatly between the midline and eccentric types. The midline type is suitable as a regulating and small diameter process valve.

double and triple eccentric butterfly valves

How to choose double and triple eccentric butterfly valves, both structures have the characteristics of being able to disengage quickly and close tighter and tighter, so how can the two structures be chosen?

As a soft seal using double eccentric, it is more convenient in processing and manufacturing. The triple eccentric is more complex to process and manufacture, but its tightening characteristics are more prominent, and it is not easy to produce interference, so it is more suitable for metal hard seals.

At present, the market is not comprehensive analysis, that what the case are recommended to use three eccentric metal hard seal which is not right, especially on the large diameter room temperature water system recommended to use, there is no need. Because the metal hard seal is much harder to replace than the soft seal, it is appropriate to use a soft seal in large diameter waterworks butterfly valves. Only those who are not easy to repair and replace and have higher temperatures and harsh working conditions are forced to use metal hard seals. In order to facilitate the replacement of metal seals under severe conditions, the valve body is generally lengthened by a section, and a mid-port is opened to facilitate the disassembly of the seal.

Selection of vacuum butterfly valves. Vacuum butterfly valve has rubber soft seal and metal hard seal two kinds, from the structure can be in line type, eccentric type and lever type, for the requirement of high vacuum degree is generally soft seal. Require a certain temperature only have to use metal seal. In order to get good results generally can process the surface should be processed and have a good surface roughness and cleanliness, can not be painted and coated with general anti-rust oil, only allowed to use vacuum grease.

For more detailed, targeted butterfly valve selection contact VALTECCN VALVE.

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