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Analysis of the causes of butterfly valve seat damage

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The seat of the butterfly valve, also known as the seal, is a component that relates to the sealing performance of the butterfly valve, and is also a place that is subject to serious corrosion and erosion by the medium in the pipeline. Damage to the butterfly valve seat can cause leakage of the butterfly valve, and serious leakage can even produce major safety hazards.

butterfly valve seat

VALTECCN is a professional butterfly valve manufacturer with many years of experience in the production and sale of butterfly valves, and has written this article to analyse what are the causes of damage to butterfly valve seats?

Causes of butterfly valve seat damage

  1. Valve seat processing quality problems, the process is not rigorous enough, resulting in cracks on the seal, porosity, uneven hardness and other phenomena.
  2. Wrong butterfly valve selection or incorrect operation caused. Failure to select the correct butterfly valve model according to the actual working environment, resulting in the butterfly valve and working conditions do not match, the valve seat seal ring is destroyed.
  3. The installation of the butterfly valve is random or maintenance is not effective, resulting in damage to the valve seat. The butterfly valve is not cleaned inside the valve body and pipeline before installation, resulting in impurities in the pipeline causing damage to the butterfly valve seat. Then there is no timely maintenance of the butterfly valve, so that the valve has been in an unhealthy state, premature damage to the seat seal.
  4. Chemical corrosion of the medium, the medium around the valve seat seal ring in the case of not generating current, the medium directly with the valve seat to play a chemical role, corrosion of the valve seat.
  5. The erosion of the medium in the pipeline, the seat seal of the butterfly valve is located inside the pipeline, the seat is subject to constant erosion, these media have with suspended particles, but also with corrosive, over time, the seat in such media erosion, the sealing surface will be destroyed.
  6. Mechanical damage, butterfly plate every time the opening and closing, will occur with the valve seat friction, the damage caused to the sealing surface over time is increasingly large.
    7.Electrochemical corrosion, sealing surface contact with each other, sealing ring and closing body and valve body contact as well as the media concentration difference, oxygen concentration difference and other reasons, will produce potential difference, electrochemical corrosion, resulting in the anode side of the valve seat sealing ring is corroded.
  7. fatigue damage, valve seat have their own service life, especially the soft seal butterfly valve seat, service life is limited, in a long time of use, easy to aging, sealing surface cracks, delamination phenomenon, resulting in poor sealing performance.

VALTECCN butterfly valves are reliable, have durable seats and come with a 12 month warranty.

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