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Butterfly Valve Gearbox

Butterfly Valve Gearbox

SizeDN50~DN350, multi Stage DN400+

Body materialDuctile Iron, Aluminum

Features & Benefits

Manual gearbox operator via hand wheel to suit butterfly valve series. Gearbox operators are used to make the opening and closing of butterfly valves, in particular larger size valves, compared to a traditional lever operator.

Gearbox adopts precision casting, novel style and beautiful appearance. The worm gear pair is self-locking, using worm gear and worm drive, the worm gear pair is self-locking, and the tapered roller bearing is used, the transmission is more flexible and the efficiency is high.

The connecting part of the worm gear and the valve stem consists of solid and built-in nuts for customers to choose. All flanges adopt the ISO5211 international standard, which is more convenient to match with the valve.

The degree of protection is IP65. Customization is supported for special environments, up to IP68.


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Butterfly Valve Gearbox Applies Solutions for Customers

Split Body PTFE Seat butterfly valve Wafer type Lever / Gearbox Export to Vietnam

40ft wafer butterfly valve is ready to be exported to Dubai

VALTECCN butterfly valve, the preferred brand in the South African market

Class 150LB aluminum bronze butterfly valve exported to Europe, used in seawater treatment projects

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