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Introduction of Large Diameter Butterfly Valve

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Butterfly valve is a fluid switch that reciprocates around 90 degrees with a disc-type opening and closing member. It is usually used as a block opening, flow regulating valve and damping valve in liquid, gas, and other fluid pipeline systems. Large-diameter butterfly valve refers to a valve with a diameter greater than 100cm.

Large Diameter Butterfly Valves
Large Diameter Butterfly Valves

Large diameter butterfly valve product classification

Large-diameter butterfly valves are widely used in: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, water supply and drainage, gas transportation, water, sewage, seawater, air, steam, gas, combustible gas, corrosive medium pipelines for flow regulation, A good device for shutting off or turning on fluids.

Large-diameter butterfly valve according to seal: hard-seal large-diameter butterfly valve, soft-seal large-diameter butterfly valve.

  • Hard seals are mainly used for high temperature and abrasive media.
  • Soft seals are mainly used for water and gas media.

Large-diameter butterfly valve according to the driving method: hydraulic control large-diameter butterfly valve, ventilation large-diameter butterfly valve, heavy hammer type large-diameter butterfly valve, electric large-diameter butterfly valve, turbine transmission large-diameter butterfly valve.

  • Reasonable choices can be made according to the requirements of on-site use.

The large-diameter hard-sealed butterfly valve produced by the VALTECCN butterfly valve manufacturer meets the relevant standard requirements, has good wear resistance, is easy to operate and maintain, has a variety of product material models, reliable product sealing, working pressure, working temperature, and working flow to meet various technical requirements , you can contact the inquiry for details: [email protected]

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