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The purpose of butterfly valve

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Understand what is a butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is a butterfly valve with the butterfly plate installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. The butterfly plate runs in the cylindrical channel of the valve body. By adjusting the rotation angle of the butterfly plate of the wafer butterfly valve, the flow of the fluid in the pipeline is adjusted. The wafer butterfly valve has a simple structure and is easy to install.
The overall structure of the butterfly valve produced by VALTECCN valve is relatively simple, small and light, easy to install, and the wedge-shaped design makes the valve sealing performance more perfect.

The function and use of butterfly valves

Butterfly valve can be used to adjust the flow. When the butterfly valve needs to adjust the flow under special working conditions, or the environment with strict requirements on sealing performance, or the working environment of the butterfly valve is severe wear, low temperature and other harsh working conditions, In the above-mentioned situations, it is necessary to use a triple-eccentric special butterfly valve with a specially designed metal sealing belt adjustment device.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for use in pipelines of urban heating, gas supply, water supply and other projects as a regulating and throttling device, and the applicable medium includes oil, acid and alkali substances. The double eccentric butterfly valve has poor sealing performance and is used in pipelines that allow a certain amount of leakage. If the pipeline needs to ensure the sealing performance, a triple eccentric butterfly valve needs to be used.

The soft-seal butterfly valve has good sealing performance and is suitable for pipelines that are completely sealed for management requirements and have zero leakage. The soft-seal butterfly valve has good sealing performance, but the disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by temperature. ℃, the working temperature of fluorine-lined soft-sealed butterfly valve is between -10-150℃. The soft sealing butterfly valve is suitable for weak acid and alkali media such as fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, steam, oil and so on.

Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve in the hard sealing butterfly valve are suitable for large-diameter valves. Double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for the opening, closing and adjustment of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, and is widely used in ventilation and dust removal pipelines in metallurgical industry, light industry, electric power industry, petrochemical industry, etc. The application field of triple eccentric butterfly valve is more extensive. It not only inherits the advantages of high temperature and high pressure resistance of metal hard sealing butterfly valve, but also has the excellent sealing performance of soft sealing butterfly valve. It is a good substitute for gate valve, globe valve and ball valve.

Only by understanding the function of the butterfly valve can we use the right butterfly valve in the right occasion, and we can also make the butterfly valve serve us better.
If you have any questions about butterfly valves or purchase quotation needs, feel free to contact VALTECCN, a professional butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer: soft seal butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, etc.

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