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Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

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Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves since the standard valve has a lined body and disc, it is capable of resisting attack from even the most corrosive of chemicals. The teflon lined butterfly valve can also be supplied with a large array of metal discs, in the event that greater resistance is required. it is becoming such a popular choice in the industry.

Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers: VALTECCN Valve is China’s Leading Manufacturer, equipped with latest technology and experienced team of engineer, VALTECCN Valve promises to deliver high quality Teflon Industrial Valves. All our products are manufactured as per Industrial International & Domestic Standards.

Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers
Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves

VALTECCN Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves Advantages

  • Unique triple sealing system for shaft sealing ensuring zero leakage.
  • High performance design, maintenance free.
  • Intact performance in severe conditions of corrosion, abrasion and temperature.
  • Economic and high performing valves.
  • Customization provided as per requirement.
  • Valves available in various sizes and ranges.
  • Unique stem retention design to provide blow out proof stem & easy to assemble.
  • Self energizing seating design.
  • Maximum efficiency and long life in working cycle.
  • Designed under the guidance of experienced staff.

Our Teflon / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves are used in various industries like:

  • Agriculture industry
  • petro-chemicals industry
  • steel industries
  • food industries
  • cement industries
  • oil & gas Industries
  • refineries industries
  • chemicals industries
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • dairy plants
  • fertilizers industries
  • water treatment plants

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