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Desulfurization and denitrification butterfly valve working principle, characteristics, application introduction

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Desulfurization butterfly valve application introduction

1, air pollution, sulfur dioxide is an important pollutant, and more than 60% of sulfur dioxide pollutants from industrial flue gas emissions. With the gradual improvement and enhancement of China’s environmental standards, as well as the national awareness of the environment, China’s future projects with industrial flue gas emissions must be desulfurized. One of the important components in the flue gas desulphurisation unit is the valve. The requirements for the desulphurisation valve are that it is resistant to both chlorides, oxides and acids, as well as to harsh abrasive wear and slurry wear and corrosion. The correct choice of valve materials and structural forms to extend the service life of the valve is the key to the flue gas desulfurization butterfly valve.

2, A complete FGD system is required in numerous industrial or power fields . At present, the international use is limestone – gypsum wet method, a furnace and a tower desulphurization device, the desulphurization efficiency of this desulphurization device can reach 95.5%. Limestone slurry system after the desulphurization pipeline media will appear strong corrosive, the entire pipeline system and fluid control valves and valve actuators have extremely high requirements. The special butterfly valve for desulphurization is designed and manufactured for the special requirements of the desulphurization system.

3, Desulphurisation and denitrification butterfly valves are designed for power plant desulphurisation and denitrification projects, taking full account of the corrosion and wear of the desulphurisation slurry on the valve, ensuring that the valve plate lining is the only part that can come into contact with the slurry, while other parts are not corroded by the limestone (or lime paste) slurry. As a result, the valve body and stem do not need to be made of expensive alloy (2205), resulting in significant cost savings. The unique seat design of the desulphurisation butterfly valve completely separates the valve body from the fluid medium, giving it a better way of firmly seating the valve, quick in-situ seat replacement, zero leakage and low friction compared to other similar valves. The butterfly valve plate is made of high performance alloy (2205), which effectively resists corrosion and wear of the slurry.

Application scope of desulphurization butterfly valve

Desulphurization special butterfly valve can be widely used in hydropower, sewage, construction, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, light textile, paper, water supply and drainage and other fluid pipelines as regulation and interception use, and can be changed by the material to apply to different media such as water, gas, oil, etc., applicable temperature -20 ~ 80 ℃. By changing the material of the valve plate seal, O-ring, butterfly plate and rotating shaft, it can be applied to a variety of media and different temperatures. The valve automatic control is equipped with high quality electric actuator or double-acting pneumatic actuator, which can realize automatic and manual double opening and closing function.

Structural characteristics of desulphurization butterfly valve

1, The main structure of desulfurization butterfly valve is composed of valve body, valve flap, valve seat, valve stem and transmission operating mechanism, etc. The valve seat adopts the structure of removable, and the corresponding material of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance and aging resistance can be selected according to the physical and chemical characteristics of different media.

2, Valve ductile iron shell inside and outside surface can be used high temperature electrostatic spraying epoxy resin powder coating, the coating has high corrosion resistance, and ductile iron substrate has a very high bonding strength, the coating degree is 0.2-0.5mm.

The structure design of desulphurization butterfly valve

  1. Adopting the midline structure without eccentric design, which has the remarkable feature of low operating torque and remarkable economy when configuring electric devices.
  2. reasonable design, compact structure, simple installation and disassembly, easy maintenance.
  3. rubber-lined structure, butterfly plate circumferential sealing surface precision machining to a high degree of finish, the coefficient of friction on the rubber seat is extremely low, the valve service life is long.
  4. the flow characteristics of the sealing surface of the valve plate are linear, with a small flow resistance coefficient, the valve flow resistance is small.
  5. The unique design of the moulded rubber seat has excellent balance and support, effectively avoiding the damage to the rubber caused by uneven force, and the rubber is in the best compression state to maintain zero leakage when the valve is in the fully closed position.
  6. The rubber sealing surface of both ends of the valve protrudes from the flange surface of the ductile iron, so that no additional rubber gasket is required when the valve is installed in the pipeline.
  7. Flexible choice of operating mechanism of the butterfly valve.
  8. The butterfly valve has a beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance.
  9. Compared with other similar valves, it has the advantages of better seat firmness, fast seat replacement in place, zero leakage and low friction of the valve.

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