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Titanium plate split body lug butterfly valve

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The titanium butterfly valve has high performance with safe, reliable, long service life and so on merits. Widely applies in the chlor-alkali industry, soda industry, the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer Industry, fine chemicals industry, basic organic acids and inorganic salt manufacture and nitric acid industry fields etc.

Titanium Butterfly valves come typically in wafer or lug style; however it is not uncommon to see a flanged titanium butterfly valve in high performance applications. 

VALTECCN Titanium plate split body lug butterfly valve, worm gear, pink
DN200 (8 Inch) Titanium plate split body lug butterfly valve, worm gear, pink

General Properties Of Titanium Disc Butterfly Valves Can Be Summarized As Follows:

  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • high tensile strength
  • light weight
  • hard, smooth surface that limits adhesion of foreign materials
  • heat resistance

Titanium materials have oxide films, good stability and self-passivation ability in strong corrosion environment, so titanium butterfly valves can resistance a variety of harsh corrosion conditions.

China VALTECCN valve is a professional manufacturer of industrial butterfly valves, which can provide various Titanium plate split body lug butterfly valve catalogs, pictures, prices, dimensions, drawings.

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