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Industrial high temperature butterfly valve design features

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Industrial high-temperature butterfly valve adopts high-temperature resistant special alloy steel material, which can ensure stable operation of butterfly valve under high-temperature working conditions, with working temperature up to 1300℃; it is widely used in cement industry, environmental protection engineering, environmental protection equipment, flue gas desulphurization, waste heat recovery, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc.

In the work production over, the high temperature medium in the pipeline according to different control signals (worm gear, electric, pneumatic) to change its flow size, so as to achieve automatic remote control of industrial production process.

High temperature pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve

Usually, high temperature butterfly valves require the ability to withstand higher temperatures as well as corrosion resistant nature, which has the following three main characteristics.

1: the wall of the valve body is fully pressure resistant
In addition to high temperature resistance, high temperature butterfly valves also have relatively strong high pressure resistance characteristics. When designing the wall of the butterfly valve, in addition to using high temperature resistant materials, the design of the shell thickness is also focused on to make it fully pressure resistant. Different specifications of high temperature butterfly valves have their different shell pressure resistance fixed values, specifically considering the size of the pressure generated when the fluid medium fills the valve cavity, when the valve body is firmly under pressure, reducing the probability of the valve wall being corroded.

2: the valve body material
High-temperature butterfly valve body material selection, must meet the pressure resistance, hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics, high-temperature valves have strict requirements for the production of materials. In the high temperature and high pressure environment, the chance of damage to the valve device becomes larger, in order to ensure that the device can work normally in the high temperature environment, the selection of materials can use high temperature resistant alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, and surface overlay welding treatment, so that the valve body is more wear-resistant, cavitation-resistant.

3: the central mandatory seal
Compulsory sealing consists of sealing ring, valve body and floating valve cover. High temperature butterfly valve is designed to use compulsory sealing treatment, which can strengthen the sealing ability of the valve body and is suitable for high pressure and high temperature environment.
Structure determines function, the difference between high temperature butterfly valve high temperature valve and ordinary valve device lies in the structural design, material selection and construction design, so that it can work normally even in high temperature and high pressure environment.

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