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Butterfly Valve Symbol

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Symbols of Butterfly Valves

The following symbols are used as butterfly valve symbols in isometric and P&ID.

Butterfly Valve Symbol

Butterfly valve symbol is the only symbol where a full triangle is not used. If you refer to the first symbol, it is similar to a globe valve but a triangle is not full. The alternative symbol is clearer in this case. For isometric symbols, you can see that there is no socket end butterfly valve.

Butterfly Valve Symbol

The Butterfly disc positioned in the center rotates either parallel or perpendicular to the flow and allows a quick shut-off. When the valve is fully closed the disc is turned perpendicular so it completely blocks off the passageway. When the valve of a Butterfly Valve is fully open it is rotated a quarter turn and is parallel with the flow. The disc is commonly referred to as the Butterfly which is mounted on a rod. The movement of the rod with the disc will depend on whether the valve is open or closed. Click here to see a range of our Valves including Butterfly Valves.

Learn about these butterfly valve symbols.It can help the people recognition the engineering installation drawing.

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