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How to see the size of butterfly valve

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When purchasing, we all need to confirm the parameter information of the butterfly valve. The size information of the butterfly valve is one of the very important parameters. If the size of the butterfly valve is wrong, it cannot be installed or replaced, which will seriously delay the progress of the project. VALTECCN butterfly valve brand manufacturer has many years of experience in producing butterfly valves. How to share the size of butterfly valves?

How to see the size of butterfly valve, butterfly valve brand suppliers and manufacturers

First of all, the diameter of the butterfly valve is represented by DN in the parameter specifications. For example, DN80 means a butterfly valve with a diameter of 80mm. Usually, this diameter refers to the inner diameter of the valve. The caliber size is generally marked on the valve body of the butterfly valve and on the label, which can be obtained by observation. If you want to replace the old butterfly valve, and the diameter of the old butterfly valve cannot be directly identified due to the rusted appearance, you can only remove the valve and measure it with a ruler.

Secondly, the dimension often mentioned for the butterfly valve is the structural length, and it is also said to be the thickness of the butterfly valve. This structural length dimension is generally not displayed on the model, valve body or nameplate, and needs to be agreed between the designer and the manufacturer. Some people will ask, is the butterfly valve not a standard part, and the size of the diameter corresponds to the length of the structure. In fact, it is not the case. There are standards for butterfly valves, but there are many standards for butterfly valves, such as national standard, German standard, American standard, Japanese standard, etc. The length of different standard structures will be different; in addition, some pipelines are special and require special customized structure length by the manufacturer. Satisfy.

For the specific butterfly valve structure length and size, the manufacturer will have relevant drawing information. If the purchaser is unsure of the size, he can consult the manufacturer to compare whether his installation size matches.

VALTECCN butterfly valve brand manufacturer has many years of experience in producing butterfly valves. If you have any questions or purchasing needs of butterfly valves, please feel free to contact us.

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