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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Export To Turkey

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The technology of VALTECCN triple offset butterfly valves is constantly changing and innovating.

Turkish customer asked us about butterfly valves for boiler systems. According to the customer’s working conditions, temperature, pressure, we recommend him three offset butterfly valves.

Whether it’s managing the flow of fluids in boiler systems,oil refineries, power plants, or chemical processing units, the triple eccentric butterfly valve stands as a reliable solution for fluid control challenges.

The customer’s operating environment is 300℃, the pressure is 150#, and it is installed on the flange pipe.

When selecting a triple eccentric butterfly valve for a specific application, several factors must be considered:

  • Fluid Type: The type of fluid being transported determines the materials used for the valve body, disc, and sealing elements.
  • Temperature and Pressure: The valve must be chosen based on the expected temperature and pressure conditions to ensure it can operate safely and effectively.
  • Size and Flow Rate: The valve size should be selected to accommodate the required flow rate without causing excessive pressure drops.
  • End Connections: The valve’s end connections should match the existing pipeline infrastructure.
  • Actuator Type: The choice of actuator (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic) depends on the automation level and control requirements of the system.
  • Environmental Factors: Consider environmental factors such as corrosive atmospheres, abrasive media, and outdoor installation conditions.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Triple offset butterfly valve

Based on the above factors, we recommend: SS316 material, flanged triple offset butterfly valve for turkey customer.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Export To Turkey

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