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Triple offset butterfly valve for piping systems

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Triple offset butterfly valve is a high-performance butterfly valve that has excellent sealing and wear resistance. The feature of a triple offset butterfly valve is that there is no friction between the seat and the disc, which can effectively extend the service life. The structure of a triple offset butterfly valve is as follows:

  • First offset: The eccentricity of the stem and the disc centerline, which prevents the disc from scraping the seat during opening and closing.
  • Second offset: The eccentricity of the stem and the body centerline, which enables the disc to fit tightly on the seat when closed, forming a metal-to-metal seal.
  • Third offset: The eccentricity of the seat cone and the body centerline, which creates a conical space between the seat and the disc, increasing the elasticity of the sealing surface and improving the sealing reliability.
Triple offset butterfly valve
Triple offset butterfly valve

VALTECCN is a professional Chinese butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, with years of production experience and technical strength. VALTECCN provides various specifications and materials of triple offset butterfly valves, meeting the needs of different working conditions and industries. VALTECCN’s triple offset butterfly valves have the following advantages:

  • Body material is WCB, which has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
  • Disc material is WCB, which is the same as the body, ensuring the overall strength and stability.
  • Seat is ASTMA 182F6, which is a stainless steel material, with characteristics such as high temperature, high pressure, high strength, etc.
  • Sealing face is SS304+Graphite, which is a composite material, having both the hardness and wear resistance of metal and the softness and self-lubrication of graphite.
  • Connection method is flanged connection DIN2501, which conforms to international standards, convenient for installation and disassembly.
  • Face to face distance is DIN3202 F25, which also conforms to international standards, suitable for various piping systems.

If you want to know more about VALTECCN’s triple offset butterfly valves, please visit our website or contact our customer service staff. We will sincerely provide you with quality products and services. Thank you for your attention!

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