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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Extended Stem Exported to Europe

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This is a customer from Europe. In order to update the production line of factory, he purchased a batch of VALTECCN triple offset butterfly valves in 2020. Now he wants to buy another batch to replace the old valves. So the customer contacted us again and stated that he is very satisfied with the previous valves, and needs to keep the following design for new orders.

  1. The valve body adopts anti-corrosion painting.
  2. Changed to extended stem butterfly valve, valve shaft is extended by 50mm for easy opening and closing.
  3. The ISO5211 Top flange is more convenient for installing actuators.
  4. The metal to metal seals can work in 250deg C high temperature environment.
  5. The F16 flanges drilled for connect pipe flange.
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Extended Stem
DN400 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Extended Stem

VALTECCN Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Supplier and Manufacturer:

  • Design standard: DIN EN593
  • Face to face design: DIN EN558-1
  • Pressure rating: 16bar
  • Media: water
  • End connection: Double flange type
  • Size range: 2IN to 30in
  • Temperature: -29-425 deg C
  • Application: Replace damaged valves.
  • Flange connection: PN16

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