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GGG50 Butterfly Valves are Exported to Turkey

76 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

The customer is from Turkey, and they are a very famous valve supplier. Therefore, they have a large demand for range of butterfly valves.

The customer has cooperated with VALTECCN for 3 years, and has purchased butterfly valves, gate valves, etc. In order to give their customers a better experience and expand their brand influence, they have very high requirements for the quality of the valves.

The customer said that since the cooperation with VALTECCN, their annual sales quantity of butterfly valves has increased three times compared with three years ago.The quality of VALTECCN valves is very good, and VALTECN have been listed as a long-term partner.

GGG50 Butterfly Valves

This order are 3500 pcs butterfly valves in total.Here are the details of butterfly valves purchased by the customer:

  • PN10/PN16/ANSI150/JIS10K
  • Wafer connection
  • Body:GGG50
  • Disc:CF8M,no pin
  • Seat:PTFE/EPDM
  • Stem:SS420
  • Gear operation
  • Design standard:ASME B 16.47 API609
  • Pressure:10 bar  
  • Media:Water  
  • Temp:-10 to +110
  • Application:Wholesale and retail

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