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DN125(5 Inch) Pneumatic Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Pneumatic Triple offset butterfly valves were originally designed for the application of water shut off, over the years its design updates make this valve useful for other industries as well and making it perform in toughest environment conditions. It is the right solution where tight seal is required. Pneumatic Triple offset butterfly valve contains three separate offsets:

  1. Centre line of seat sealing surface,
  2. Shaft location with respect to bore centre line,
  3. Seat cone angle axis that is offset from valve bore centre line.

These three offset combinations provide smooth sealing surface with minimum bear between seal and seat. Moreover it can minimize disc binding and lower operating torque.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve design also ensures that any potential leak paths are eliminated, thereby offering superior performance. Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are generally used in critical applications where safety and high performance are primary considerations. They are available in a wide range of materials including Stainless Steel, Monel, Duplex and other exotic alloys. They are available to suit a wide range of process media including steam, abrasive dust and slurries and aggressive liquids and gases.

Pneumatic Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Pictures

DN125(5 Inch) Pneumatic Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, pn16

VALTECCN Pneumatic Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Description

Product namePneumatic triple offset butterfly valves
SizeDN125 (5 Inch)
Pressure ratingPN16
Body materialCF8M
Disc materialCF8M

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VALTECCN valve is an experienced butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, will always give satisfactory services.

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