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High Performance ANSI 150 Butterfly Valve Export to Malaysia

We have recently shipped a batch of high performance butterfly valve to Malaysia. This customer has been working with us since early 2019. He often buys some butterfly valves for stock. The standard t…


Flanged Single Ball Flexible Pipeline Rubber Joint Export to Australia

We have recently shipped a batch of rubber joints to Australia. This customer has been working with us since early 2019. He often buys some rubber joints for stock. The standard they needed was table …


SS Butterfly Valve type Lug Export to Turkey

he valves are used in water treatment, so we recommend EPDM seat to ensure the seat wear-resisting. Also, duo to the working place is overground 3 meters, for customer convenience, we make 6 meters ch…


Axial Check Valve Exported to Dubai

We just sent a batch of axial check valves to Dubai. BodyDuctile ironDiscSS 316ShaftSS 316SeatSS 316CoatingEpoxy WRAS approved and 300 micron internal and External, Akzo nobel The customer is very sat…


WCB Body PTFE Seat Wafer type Butterfly Valve Export to Europe

Global customers are satisfied with our valves because of the tidy casting and WRAS certificate epoxy painting. Valve replacement parts are also on sale. S…


High Quality Wafer Butterfly Valve(DN50~DN600) Export to European

Hello everybody. Welcome to the news part of Valteccn company. In this week, we are going to introduce you our best selling product: 3000pcs per order- Wafer Butterfly Valve. Duo to Wafer connection i…


Swing Check Valve Export to Hong Kong

In early June, Valteccn customer in Hong Kong placed an order for some swing check valves in stock. The customer has a long-term relationship with us. We send the drawing to confirm with the customer.…


Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve Export to Ireland

We just sent a batch of butterfly valves to Ireland. WRAS approved,Epoxy coating Connection Wafer typePressurePN10 / PN16 / ANSI 150 / JIS 10KBodyDuctile ironDiscSS 304, pinlessStemSS 410Seat material…


Rubber Joint(DN200-DN300) Export to Vietnam for Water Treatment

OEM Vietnamese customer DN200-DN300 rubber joint is used for water treatment. After production, it has passed the quality inspection and meets the certification requirements Advantage:1 we can show yo…


3 Way Ball Valve Export to Italy

The following pictures are our 3-way ball valve for our Italian customer. Three Way Ball Valve Our customer provided us with the drawing of this ball valve.And required to produce according to the dim…


Rising Stem Gate Valve PN16 Export to South Africa

Gate valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines. For a long time, the general gate valve used in the market, widespread leakage, easy to rust phenomenon, the enterprise in…


PTFE Seat Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Export to Malaysia

Easy to install and maintain, the universal body is suitable for various connection standards. The structure is simple and compact, the handle can be operated by 90° to open quickly, and electric or p…


Dual plate Check Valve(DN80,DN100) Export to South Africa

Follow is the valves we delivered to our South Africa customer in June — Dual plate Check Valve. These Dual plate check valves are used in thermal power stations. They can prevent the steam flow back,…


Black Butterfly Valve Exported to Peru

These black butterfly valves have been successfully delivered to customers,our customer is from Peru,this is not our first cooperation.We always put the needs of customers in the first place, after lo…


Ductile Iron Center Line Butterfly Valve(DN40-600) Export to European Countries

Wafer butterfly valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines.The wafer butterfly valve itself has a relatively small structure.You only need to put the butterfly valve in th…

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