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DN150-DN300(6 Inch-12 Inch) Flange Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Export to Taiwan

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VALTECCN have recently exported a batch of flange triple eccentric butterfly valves to TaiWan. The size is 6″-12″.

Flange Type Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Image

Flange Type Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Flange Type Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Flange Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Export to Taiwan
Flange Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Export to Taiwan

Below is a detailed butterfly valve configuration:

ProductTriple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
SizeDN150-DN300(6 Inch-12 Inch)
Conection standardANSI 150
Cnnection endFlange Type
OperatedLever Operated

Triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve, to resist high temperature, must use hard seal, but large leakage; To zero leakage, must use soft seal, but not high temperature resistance. In order to overcome the double eccentric butterfly valve this contradiction, and the butterfly valve for the third eccentric. The structure characteristics of the double eccentric eccentric axis of the stem position at the same time, to make the cone axis deflection of butterfly plate sealing surface ontology cylindrical axis, that is to say, after the third eccentric, butterfly plate sealing section is no longer true circle, ellipse, its sealing surface shape and asymmetric, tilt to the center line of the ontology, on the other side is parallel to the centerline of ontology. The biggest characteristic of the third eccentric is fundamentally changed the seal structure and seal position is no longer, but the torque seal, namely not rely on the elastic deformation of the seat, but completely rely on the seat of the contact pressure to achieve sealing effect, thus solved the problem of metal seated zero leakage at a stroke, and because of the contact pressure and the medium is proportional to the pressure, resistance to high pressure high temperature is solved .

Triple eccentric butterfly valves in high and low temperature and various kinds of acid, alkali and other corrosive medium can correspond freely, especially in the case of large caliber, with its advantages of zero leakage, on the shutoff valves, are constantly replace bulky gate valve and ball valve.

China VALTECCN valve is a professional manufacturer of industrial butterfly valves, which can provide various triple eccentric butterfly valve catalogs, pictures, prices, dimensions, drawings.

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