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Ductile Iron Bare Shaft Butterfly Valve Sale to Vietnam

44 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN butterfly valve supplier just sent a batch of concentric butterfly valves to Vietnam, the details as follows:

Valve ProductBare Shaft Wafer Butterfly Valve
Cnnection endWafer type
OperationBare shaft end
BodyDuctile iron, epoxy coated
DiscA351 CF8M
Ductile Iron Bare Shaft Butterfly Valve, PN10/16, 10K, 150LB
Ductile Iron Bare Shaft Butterfly Valve

This customer has been working with VALTECCN butterfly valve manufacturer for many years.

Customers often participate in some butterfly valve bidding projects. They are a powerful company, win the bid more often, customers will find VALTECCN at the first time. Customers are very confident about VALTECCN’s service and product quality.

In this cooperation, the customer won the bid for a local butterfly valve project of 50,000 US dollars. The customer contacted the sales of VALTECCN and purchased the butterfly valve from VALTECCN after full communication.

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