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Air operated butterfly valves sold to Spain, third-party testing agency to factory inspection

13 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

Our spain customer purchased the air operated butterfly valve from VALTECCN, provided the air actuator brand, and required us to purchase and install the specified actuator.

Air operated butterfly valve

Air operated butterfly valve configuration is as follows:

Productair operated butterfly valve
BodyDuctile Iron
DiscSuper Duplex
SeatEPDM Dovetail type

Third-party inspectors inspected the valve material, size, appearance, and pressure.

Air operated butterfly valve inspection scopre:

  • Appearance
  • casting marking
  • wall thickness
  • face to face
  • connection dimensions
  • tagging
  • name plate
  • Pressure tests
  • functional

Each valve is tested to make sure it can be opened and closed properly. And for these pneumatic actuators, we have reinforced it in packaging, which can well protect the actuator and avoid bumping and damage in the process of transportation.

Air operated butterfly valve packaging
Air operated butterfly valve packaging

After the test is completed, they will issue the test report to the customer, and we will arrange shipment after receiving the instructions from the customer.

VALTECCN has been cooperating with dozens of countries and regions all over the world as a top butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, import purchase butterfly valve welcome to inquiry.

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