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DN100(4 Inch), DN150(6 Inch) PTFE Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve

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South African customers repurchase a batch of DN100(4 Inch), DN150(6 Inch) PTFE lined wafer type split body butterfly valves.

Customers buy this batch of PTFE lined butterfly valves used for acid media. It is the ideal product for shut-off and regulating equipment on fluid pipelines and containers.

DN100(4 Inch), DN150(6 Inchi) PTFE lined wafer butterfly valve Images as below:

Advantages of PTFE lined wafer butterfly valve as below:

  1. Small size, light weight, light operation, easy installation and maintenance;
  2. Excellent and reliable sealing performance, zero leakage and long service life;
  3. The flow characteristics tend to be straight and adjust the performance;
  4. Simple structure, quick switch, 90°rotation to open and close;
  5. Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to user needs to meet the needs of remote control.

If you have alkali, salt and oxidant, reducing agent, organic solvent media needs, welcome to inquiry PTFE lined butterfly valve.

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