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PTFE Seat Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Export to Malaysia

Easy to install and maintain, the universal body is suitable for various connection standards. The structure is simple and compact, the handle can be operated by 90° to open quickly, and electric or p…


Dual plate Check Valve(DN80,DN100) Export to South Africa

Follow is the valves we delivered to our South Africa customer in June — Dual plate Check Valve. These Dual plate check valves are used in thermal power stations. They can prevent the steam flow back,…


Black Butterfly Valve Exported to Peru

These black butterfly valves have been successfully delivered to customers,our customer is from Peru,this is not our first cooperation.We always put the needs of customers in the first place, after lo…


Ductile Iron Center Line Butterfly Valve(DN40-600) Export to European Countries

Wafer butterfly valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines.The wafer butterfly valve itself has a relatively small structure.You only need to put the butterfly valve in th…


Rising Stem Wedge Disc Gate Valve(DN40) Export to Hong Kong

So glad to introduce our valve which we just delivered In order to ensure the quality of gate valve product, our valve factory has a strict and orderly production system to require the workers pay car…


Split Body PTFE Seat butterfly valve Wafer type Lever / Gearbox Export to Vietnam

The customer needs the valve to work as an acid-alkaline medium in a high temperature environment of 150 degrees. Valteccn valve professional technicians recommended PTFE Linde butterfly valves to cus…

API 609 Wafer Butterfly Valve

API 609 Wafer Butterfly Valve Export to Mexico

Valteccn just sent a batch of wafer butterfly valve to Mexico in June, the valves specification is as flowing: PressureClass 150BodyDuctile ironDiscDuctile iron +NylonSeat EPDM(Replaceable) StemANSI 4…


High Temperature Triple Eccentric Pneumatic Butterfly Valve(DN400) Export to UK

Valteccn delivered to UK customer in April — high temperature triple eccentric pneumatic butterfly valve. Valves are used in steam lines,maximum operating temperature is 550 ℃, so we choose triple ecc…


Large Diameter Gate Valve(DN1200) Export to Hong Kong

The soft seal gate valve is mainly composed of valve body, rubber lined elastic gate plate, valve stem, and valve cover seals. Soft seal gate valve surface, as well as the flow channel side valve wall…

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