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Class 150 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Exported to South Korea

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We have recently exported a batch of three eccentric butterfly valves to South Korea. The size is relatively large. The customer bought 16 inch and 32 inch triple eccentric butterfly valves. Below is a detailed butterfly valve configuration:

PressureCLASS 150
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in the medium temperature ≤425℃ metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, and water supply and drainage and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines, for regulating flow and load cut-off body use. Our material is divided into: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves are available in maximum pressure classes up to 2500 pounds and standard diameters up to 48 inches. And on the clip, lug, flange, ring, butt welding, jacket, all kinds of structural length can be corresponding, but also because of a large choice of materials, high and low temperature and a variety of acid, alkali and other corrosive media can also be corresponding freely. Especially in large diameter, with its advantages of zero leakage, in the shutoff valve, is constantly replacing the bulky gate valve and ball valve, the same, with its excellent control function, in the control valve, is also constantly replacing the heavy globe valve. As a matter of fact, it is used in oil and gas exploitation, offshore platform, petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, inorganic chemical industry, energy power generation and other major industrial fields of process control and other important pipelines.

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