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Class 150LB aluminum bronze butterfly valve exported to Europe, used in seawater treatment projects

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To solve the problem of seawater corrosion, we usually choose titanium, (Super) duplex steel, nickel aluminum bronze, or austenitic stainless steel to manufacture butterfly valves, which feature corrosion-resistance and washing-out resistance, ensure service life and longer replacement cycle, and help you save costs and improve the reliability of desalination.

Our European customers purchase a batch of aluminum bronze butterfly valve for seawater treatment project on May.

Class 150LB aluminum bronze butterfly valve image

Class 150LB aluminum bronze butterfly valve exported to Europe

The current shipment material VALTECCN supplying as below:

ProductAluminum bronze butterfly valve
Operated Gearbox op wiht hand wheel
Working pressure150LB
DiscAL BRONZE C95800
ShaftMONEL K500
SeatNBR bonded to body and CR13

Selecting the right butterfly valve for seawater treatment

Due to the high corrosion resistance, what factors should be considered when choosing the right seawater valve?

  • Selecting the right material:Depending on the butterfly valve for seawater applications, it is important to choose the right material as it sets the stage for your seawater treatment.
  • Secure a professional seawater treatment butterfly valve manufacturer:Before choosing a butterfly valve for seawater treatment, pay more attention to the supplier and manufacturer. A professional and reliable manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the butterfly valve and provide good after-sales service.

VALTECCN valves for seawater treatment

  • VALTECCN is a leading manufacturer of butterfly valves for the seawater treatment industry, thanks to our many years of experience in the desalination industry. And we have excellent research capabilities to solve the challenges posed by the seawater treatment industry.
  • To serve the seawater treatment industry, our titanium, monel, nickel-aluminium bronze, duplex and super duplex valves are suitable for seawater applications and are corrosion resistant.
  • At the same time, our various product lines can help you find the best solution to meet your needs in terms of performance and cost balance.

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