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What is Dual Plate Check Valve?

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Dual Plate Check Valve is an all purpose non return valve that is much stronger, lighter in weight and smaller in size compared to a conventional swing check valve or life check valve.

The Double Plate Check Valve employs two spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by torsion spring action without requiring reverse flow.

This design offers the twin advantages of No Water Hammer and Non Slam simultaneously. All features put together make the Dual Plate Check Valve nrv one of the most efficient design.

Dual Plate Check Valve Picture

Dual Plate Check Valve
Dual Plate Check Valve Animation
Dual Plate Check Valve Animation

Dual Plate Check Valve Features

  1. Double-lobe structure with good sealing performance;
  2. Small opening and closing torque, easy to operate;
  3. It has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for various media;
  4. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Dual Plate Check Valve Advantage

  1. The double-lobe structure makes the double-lobe check valve have good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the medium from flowing back and ensure the normal operation of the pipeline system;
  2. The opening and closing torque is small, and the operation is convenient, which can reduce the waste of manpower and material resources;
  3. It has good corrosion resistance, is suitable for various media, and can prolong the service life;
  4. The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.

Other Valve Difference

Compared with the single-disc check valve, the double-disc check valve has a double-disc structure that can better ensure the sealing performance, and at the same time, the opening and closing torque is smaller, and the operation is more convenient. Compared with the ball valve, the structure of the double disc check valve is simpler and the maintenance is more convenient.

Dual Plate Check Valve Price

The price of the double flap check valve is relatively low, the specific price should be determined according to factors such as material, specification, and pressure.

VALTECCN is a professional check valve supplier, providing reasonable suggestions according to your specific use requirements and conditions in your working conditions to ensure normal operation at ex-factory prices!

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