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What is a rubber flap check valve

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Rubber flap check valve introduce

Unique non-impact rubber flap check valve, the component design is mainly composed of three main parts: valve body, valve cover and rubber flap, not only zero leakage, but also because the valve flap is covered with NBR rubber and the device is inclined at 40 degrees Angle, can greatly reduce water hammer and water hammer sound.

Rubber Seat Flap Check Valve picture
Rubber Seat Flap Check Valve
Rubber disc check valve drawing and structure

Rubber flap check valve features

  • The rubber flap check valve is mainly suitable for horizontal water supply and drainage systems, and can be installed at the water pump outlet to prevent backflow and water hammer from damaging the pump. The rubber disc check valve can also be installed on the bypass pipe of the inlet and outlet pipes of the reservoir to prevent the pool water from flowing back into the water supply system.
  • Check valves are generally suitable for clean media, and should not be used for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.
  • The design of the full flow area has the characteristics of small head loss, not easy to accumulate sundries, and easy maintenance.
  • Steel plate + reinforced nylon + EPDM composite disc structure.
Installation diagram of rubber flap check valve
Installation diagram of rubber flap check valve

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