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What is a Swing Check Valve

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Check valve is a valve that allows fluid to flow in one direction only, it is also called snap valve, non-return valve, one-way valve and so on. Check valves can be divided into various types according to their structures, such as swing type, swash plate type, piston type, butterfly type and globe check valve, VALTECCN will introduce the most common and simplest design one, which is swing type check valve.

Swing Check Valve Structure

Swing check valve structure diagram

The structure of the swing check valve is shown in the figure, and the top part of it is the bonnet part. The bonnet is secured to the valve body by a series of bolts around the edge and is sealed using a gasket, with a bolt in the center of the bonnet for mounting a pressure gauge or bleed valve.
The gasket is used to seal the gap between the valve body and the bonnet, and it is made of a relatively soft material.
The seat is where the valve body contacts the valve flap, which separates the inlet from the outlet of the valve.
The body of the valve flap is a circular metal plate that is connected to the valve body by a hinge mechanism for the one-way passage of fluid.
The valve ends with two flanges that can be bolted or welded directly to the pipe. The flanges are also sealed at both ends using gaskets.

Swing Check Valve Operating Principle

Swing Check Valve Operating Principle

The valve flaps are normally pressed against the valve seat. When the fluid pressure at the inlet increases, overcoming the weight of the flap and the fluid pressure at the outlet, the flap will open and the pressure point at which flow begins to occur is called the opening pressure of the valve. As the pressure increases, the valve flap will gradually reach the fully open position.

If the flow comes from the outlet side of the valve, when the outlet pressure is greater than the inlet pressure, the valve closes and the fluid cannot pass through the valve.

VALTECCN Flanged Swing Check Valve

Size: 1/2″~30″ (DN15~DN750 mm)

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