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VALTECCN exported a batch of high-performance ball check valves to South Africa

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VALTECCN is a professional supplier and manufacturer of check valves. Our products are widely used in water conservancy, petroleum, chemical and other fields. This article will introduce the standard, characteristics, application and customer feedback of a batch of ball check valves that we will export to South African customers in August 2023.

Ball check valve standard

Ball check valve is a valve used to prevent the backflow of the medium. It uses the pressure difference of the medium to achieve switching. The ball check valves we export to customers in South Africa comply with the following standards:

Design standard: BSEN593 DIN3202 F6
Face-to-face distance: BS1868 DIN3202 F6
Flange standard: BSE4504 BSEN1092
Test standard: BS6755
Working temperature: NBR≦80°C, EPDM≦110°C

Our ball check valves adopt advanced design and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and performance, and comply with relevant international and domestic specifications and requirements.

VALTECCN exported a batch of high-performance ball check valves to South Africa

Characteristics of ball check valve

The ball check valves we export to South African customers have the following characteristics:

  • The inside of the valve is made of a steel + rubber ball, and the outer layer is covered with rubber, so that the valve ball has good sealing and wear resistance, and can achieve a service life of more than 1 million times.
  • The valve has the advantages of simple structure, small flow loss, light weight, convenient installation, etc., and is suitable for horizontal installation.
  • The valve has a self-cleaning function, which can effectively prevent impurities from clogging, and is suitable for media containing solid particles and relatively high viscosity.
  • The valve has good water shock resistance and can be closed quickly, effectively protecting pipelines and equipment from damage when the medium stops or reverses flow.

Application of ball check valve

The spherical check valves we export to South African customers are mainly used in water conservancy projects and have the following application scenarios:

  • It can be installed at the outlet of the water pump to prevent medium backflow and water hammer from causing damage to the water pump.
  • It can be installed on the bypass of the reservoir inlet and outlet pipes to prevent the reservoir water from flowing back into the water supply system when the reservoir water level drops.
  • It can be installed on water delivery pipelines to control the direction and speed of water flow and improve water delivery efficiency and safety.

Feedback from South African customers

We exported a batch of ball check valves to South African customers in August 2023. After transportation and installation, customers expressed high satisfaction and appreciation for our products. Customers feedback that our ball check valves have excellent product quality and performance, can meet their various needs in hydraulic engineering, and improve engineering efficiency and safety. The customer also praised the professional ability and service attitude of our business personnel, expressed a pleasant cooperation and is willing to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

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