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Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

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Concentric butterfly valve is also known as soft seal butterfly valve, has a bi-directional sealing function and is not controlled by the flow direction of the medium when installed. The soft seal butterfly valve is suitable for low pressure and normal temperature working environment, with the advantage of zero leakage. The seat material is generally NBR, EPDM, PTFE, VITON, of which EPDM seat butterfly valve is the most common.

Soft Seat Material Description

VALTECCN Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
  1. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR): the applicable medium is 0-80℃ oil type. NBR is oil resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant at the same time with good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding properties.
  2. Ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM) : the applicable medium is salt, acid, metal coating solution, water, etc. It can be adapted to the working conditions of working pressure less than 1.6Mpa and -10~110℃ working temperature. Compared with other general-purpose rubber, EPDM has a great advantage, very cost-effective, so it is the most common seat material choice.
  3. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): suitable for corrosive media up to 150℃. This material has strong resistance to acid, alkali and various organic solvents.
  4. Fluorine rubber (VITON): high temperature resistance is very good, can be used in the temperature below 200 ℃ working environment. valve seat made of VITON can maintain good performance in high temperature environment.

VALTECCN is a professional China concentric butterfly valve supplier. Concentric Butterfly Valve plays the role of cutting off and regulating in general industry such as petroleum, chemical industry, city gas, city heating, water treatment, etc.; in the water supply and drainage and gas pipeline in the fields of food, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, textile, paper and so on, Concentric Butterfly Valve is used to regulate the flow of the medium and cut off.

VALTECCN butterfly valves are popular in the Chinese market for their high quality and durability, and the “VALTEC” and “VALTECCN” valve brands are popular among Chinese customers. In addition, VALTECCN is exported to other countries such as Russia, England, Brazil and Ecuador.

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