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Worm gear flanged butterfly valve for export to the UK

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Concentric soft seal butterfly valve is the preferred conventional butterfly valve for pipelines. It has simple structure, small flow resistance coefficient, linear flow characteristics and no debris retention. VALTECCN Flanged Butterfly Valve adopt a worm gear operation. This type of valve has advantages of large output and easy operation due to high gear ratio so that it is used extensively for quarter turn valves.

Flanged butterfly valve photos

Flanged Butterfly Valve

Configuration of flanged butterfly valves for export to the UK

BodyDuctile Iron
OperationWorm Gear

Flange butterfly valve range of application

  1. Chamber installation
  2. Installation in plants
  3. Pipelines
  4. Water treatment plants
  5. Pumping stations
  6. Tanks
  7. Seawater applications
  8. Power plants (cooling water pipelines)
  9. Industry

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