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Professional concentric butterfly valve supplier, exporting to Denmark

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How to choose a suitable concentric butterfly valve? VALTECCN valve tells you

concentric butterfly valve

Concentric butterfly valve is a common industrial valve, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water conservancy, shipbuilding, natural gas and other fields. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacturing, flexible opening and closing, and good sealing performance. However, there are many brands of concentric butterfly valves on the market with varying quality. How to choose a suitable concentric butterfly valve? This article will introduce you to VALTECCN valve, a professional concentric butterfly valve supplier, exporting butterfly valves to Denmark and other countries, providing you with high-quality concentric butterfly valve products and services.

Who is VALTECCN valve?

VALTECCN valves are a valve manufacturer mainly for the international market. Our products are produced in accordance with GB, JB, API, ANSI, BS, BIN, JIS and other standards. We have passed the IS09001 quality assurance system certification to ensure that our valves meet or exceed international standards. Standard, our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water conservancy, shipbuilding, natural gas, coal chemical industry, papermaking and other industries.

In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, we have recently added some new machines to our factory, and our production efficiency has also been greatly improved.

Recently, we exported a batch of butterfly valves to Denmark, which have been well received and trusted by customers.

concentric butterfly valve

The current shipment material we supplying as below:

  • Concentric Butterfly Valve
  • Body: ductile iron, with good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of media.
  • Disc: stainless steel 304, no pin, prevents the valve stem and valve plate from falling off, and improves safety performance.
  • Seat: EPDM has good elasticity and aging resistance, and can achieve zero leakage sealing effect.
  • Stem: stainless steel 410, with high strength and wear resistance, ensures the normal opening and closing of the valve.
  • Connection: Wafer, easy to install and disassemble, saving space and cost.
  • Standard: PN16, in line with international standards, and can be used with other valves or pipes of the same specifications.
  • Operation: Lever, other operating methods such as electric or pneumatic can also be provided according to customer needs.

How to contact VALTECCN valves and get a quote?

If you are interested in our concentric butterfly valves, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with our best quality products at reasonable prices and excellent after-sales service.

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