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China DN600(24 Inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve PTFE Seat

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The DN600 wafer butterfly valve from the Chinese valve manufacturer VALTECCN can be equipped with parts made of different materials and with seals of different materials to adapt to different media and working conditions, so that the cost and performance can be optimized.

It is used for water supply and drainage, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, hydropower, energy system and light textile industries with temperature ≤150℃ and engineering pressure ≤1.6Mpa.

DN600 Wafer Butterfly Valve photos as below

DN600(24 inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve PTFE Seat
DN600(24 inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve PTFE Seat

The specifications are as follows:

SizeDN600(24 Inch)

The advantages of DN600 Wafer Butterfly Valve

  1. Small and light. Easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be installed in any position.
  2. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment type is good.
  3. The connection between the disc and the valve stem adopts a pinless structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point.
  4. The outer circle of the disc plate adopts spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the valve.
  5. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing is reliable to achieve bidirectional sealing.
  6. The butterfly disc can be sprayed with coating, such as nylon according to user requirements.
  7. The valve can be designed as flange connection and wafer connection.
  8. The operation can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

VALTECCN( valve suppliers and manufacturers provide you with butterfly valve related pictures and drawings, overall dimensions, specifications and models, latest prices, product catalogues and other information, welcome to email ([email protected]) to consult and purchase! Provide reference value for your purchase of wafer butterfly valve products.
Any issue about the XX valve during the project process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a pleasure to help you resolve the problem.

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