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Why does a certified resilient seated butterfly valve still leak after installation?

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The most common sealing surface materials for resilient seat butterfly valves are EPDM, NBR and PTFE fluoroplastics. The three materials are different in terms of applicable working conditions, but they all have a common advantage, good sealing performance.

resilient seated butterfly valve

Some customers have reflected that they have purchased a batch of resilient seat butterfly valves, which have obviously been tested and qualified before leaving the factory, why do they still leak after installation?
This question was recently raised by an old customer of VALTECCN VALVE, who has been cooperating with VALTECCN for many years and is very confident of the quality of VALTECCN products. Recently, this customer purchased another batch of resilient-seated butterfly valves to be used in a water conservancy project he had just undertaken, but after the installation of the products, the customer found that the resilient-seated butterfly valves installed and used had a large number of leaks, which made him very confused and hurriedly approached VALTECCN’s after-sales service personnel for solutions.

Why does a certified resilient seated butterfly valve still leak after installation?

VALTECCN attached great importance to this problem and actively communicated with the customer to find out the cause of the valve leakage. Soon, the problem of leakage was found, and the cause was not the valve product itself, but was caused by a large amount of impurities in the pipeline where the valve was installed.

The VALTECCN after-sales team said: “Every resilient seated butterfly valve from our factory is pressure tested to ensure it is qualified before it leaves the factory. When installing, the butterfly valve should be installed in strict accordance with the product installation instructions to ensure that the pipeline as well as the valve body is clean, if this is neglected, the high speed media wrapped in impurities during the pressure test is extremely likely to scratch the sealing surface of the valve and affect the sealing performance of the valve, leading to leakage.”

Clearly, the customer in this case had overlooked an important step before installation: cleaning the pipeline to remove impurities from the pipeline.

To avoid the recurrence of such butterfly valve leaks, the VALTECCN technical team recommends that our valve customers’ friends:

  • Butterfly valve design and selection should be standardised.
  • Butterfly valve operation methods should be appropriate.
  • Butterfly valve installation should be reasonable.

VALTECCN is a Chinese butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, if you are interested in purchasing high quality butterfly valves, please contact us!

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