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Bidirectional Soft Seal Flange Butterfly Valve for Seawater

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Seawater is an electrolyte solution containing many salts and a certain amount of dissolved oxygen, and most metal materials have electrochemical corrosion in seawater. The large chloride ion content in seawater increases the corrosion rate, while the sea current and sand particles produce low-frequency reciprocal stress and impact on metal components. In recent years, with the accelerated progress of marine development and utilization, the massive construction of coastal nuclear power projects and the promotion of seawater desalination industry, the application of seawater resistant butterfly valves has become more and more widespread.

Seawater special bidirectional soft seal flange butterfly valve is suitable for coastal areas, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, environmental protection, nuclear power, seawater desalination and other industries on the seawater medium pipeline, for cutting off and regulating the flow of media.

Bidirectional Soft Seal Flange Butterfly Valve

The valve plate of seawater butterfly valve adopts double flat plate circulation type design, which can ensure the strength and low head loss under the dynamic impact of water flow. The valve body material has good resistance to seawater corrosion.

Main features of the seawater butterfly valve

  • The valve body material has good castability, high strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance to seawater; good economy, especially suitable for manufacturing large diameter seawater valves.
  • The valve adopts double eccentric structure, which has the function of tightening the more it is closed, with reliable sealing performance; after opening, it can ensure that the valve plate and sealing surface are completely out of contact, protecting the sealing surface from damage.
  • The valve plate adopts double plate circulation type structure, with small flow resistance, high strength and good anti-vibration performance.
  • The valve bearing is made of copper alloy, with low frictional resistance in operation, high load-bearing capacity and resistance to seawater corrosion.
  • The valve has a two-way sealing function and is not restricted by the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline during installation. (If only one-way media control is to be considered, priority should be given to the direction of installation conducive to sealing).
  • Anti-seawater corrosion coating: the internal and external surfaces of the valve use epoxy resin coating process, coating thickness ≥ 250μm; prevent dirt adsorption and microbial breeding. ZF101 seawater corrosion resistant heavy duty coating can also be used according to customer requirements.

VALTECCN specialises in the production and sale of seawater resistant butterfly valves, zero leakage butterfly valves, titanium and titanium alloy butterfly valves, multi-level bi-pressure butterfly valves, metal hard seal butterfly valves and other valve products.

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