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Worm Gear Wafer Butterfly Valve and Worm Gear Lug Butterfly Valve

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Have you encountered such problems:

  • In industrial fields such as high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, and long life, it is necessary to adjust or cut off the medium flow, but can’t find a suitable valve?
  • Are you worried about leakage, damage, safety hazards and other consequences caused by using ordinary valves?
  • Do you want a valve with simple structure, convenient operation, reliable performance and long service life?

If you have the above questions, then you must know about the worm gear wafer butterfly valve and worm gear lug butterfly valve produced by VALTECCN. Both of these valves use a circular butterfly plate as the opening and closing part, which rotates 90° around the axis in the valve body to open or close the fluid passage. They have the following features and advantages:

  • Worm gear wafer butterfly valve is installed between two flanges without protruding ears and can be installed in any direction. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, and quick switching. It is suitable for cutting off, connecting and regulating the medium circulation in the pipeline, and has good fluid control characteristics and closing and sealing performance.
  • Worm gear lug butterfly valves have raised ears on both ends of the body that need to be bolted to the flange and can only be installed in one direction. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable sealing, wear resistance and long service life. It is suitable for regulating or cutting off the flow of high-temperature and high-pressure media, and is suitable for thermal power, petrochemical and other industries.

Worm Gear Wafer Butterfly Valve and Worm Gear Lug Butterfly Valve

Worm gear is a commonly used transmission mechanism, which can realize large-scale speed change and steering change, and has the advantages of stable transmission, low noise, high efficiency, and strong bearing capacity. It can be used in conjunction with butterfly valves to realize remote control and automatic operation. The butterfly valve driven by worm gear can adjust the opening and flow according to the needs, which improves the efficiency and safety of use.

VALTECCN is a professional butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer in China, with many years of production experience and technical strength, product quality and service level have been recognized and praised by customers. Our worm gear wafer butterfly valves and worm gear lug butterfly valves have been successfully used in many engineering projects, such as power stations, oil refineries, chemical plants, etc., showing excellent performance and effect. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will provide you with detailed product introduction and quotation, as well as free technical consultation and after-sales service. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and providing you with the best quality valve solutions!

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